The PA Foundation Annual Report and Accounts 2022

The PA Foundation’s Annual Report documents the Foundation’s first year of work, inspiring people – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. 

Highlights include impact stories and testimonials from people and organisations supported by The PA Foundation and the PA Consulting volunteers who gave their time and expertise to amplify The Foundation’s work.

In its first year, The PA Foundation has:

  • Distributed over £1.2 million in funding to 20 charity partners across the UK, US, Nordics, and the Netherlands
  • Got initiatives underway that will reach more than 3,000 people
  • Provided targeted funding towards supporting people, with a particular focus on STEM and skills education.
We want to equip the next generation to apply their ingenuity to solve the world's biggest challenges by supporting them to develop their skills and confidence as they enter employment.”
Chair of The PA Foundation Board of Trustees

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