The PA Foundation’s Ingenious Investment Fund

Supporting small charities and non-profits bringing big ideas to life

We are looking for charities and non-profits with ingenious solutions that support people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access to better education, skills, and employment opportunities.

This could be through the use of technology to improve the user's experience of your interventions, partnering with another organisation leveraging the expertise you have on both sides, or something that you haven’t tried before but know has potential to make a difference to your participants.

We are awarding grants of up to £20,000 across the UK, US, Netherlands and Nordics to help charitable organisations implement their ingenious solutions.

Organisations we have supported through the Ingenious Investment Fund

If you have an ingenious solution with the potential for high impact, we want to hear from you.

Review the information for prospective grant recipients and submit your application using the form at the bottom of this page.

Grant application

All fields are mandatory except indicated otherwise. 

Information may be lost if an error occurs, so we recommend drafting your application in an offline format, then pasting into the form below when ready to submit. 

Please note: After submitting this form, please complete your application by forwarding your incorporation document, governing documents/articles of association, and latest financial statements/annual report (mandatory), as well as any other supporting documentation you would like to share (optional) to:

Is the mission/purpose of your organisation entirely charitable/for the benefit of the public?

Does your organisation have public liability insurance/general liability insurance?

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