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People and change

Leaders are looking to harness the blended capabilities of people and technology to drive ingenious outcomes. To achieve this, we work with organisations to build more purposeful, innovative and sustainable organisations that people want to be part of. We galvanise people to design, deliver and embed lasting change to enable organisations and their people to perform to their highest potential.

We help organisations solve complex people and change challenges, including:

  • shaping purpose and culture to create organisations that people want to be part of
  • reskilling and transforming workforces for an innovative and sustainable future
  • amplifying the value and impact of people through digital-enabled transformation
  • building enduring leadership and change capabilities for organisational success

We do this through services that combine deep people and change insight with real world experience:


By supporting organisations to unlock ingenuity to create a positive human future, we help them meet the global leadership challenge.

Building change capability

By embedding change management within an organisation's conscience, we help them become self-sufficient in delivering high quality, continuous change.

Learning and performance innovation

By enabling continuous learning in the flow of work, nudging new behaviours and fostering a culture of self-directed learning, we help build business-critical skills.

Agile change

By shifting organisations from traditional structures to agile value streams, we help them achieve organisational agility to enable sustainable change.

Change management

We partner with organisations to deliver business change activities that engage people in creative ways and empower individuals to think differently.

Digital change

We accelerate digital adoption by embedding new ways of working and unlocking greater innovation.

Workforce transition and HR

We help leaders drive workforce and HR transformation to create organisations that are fit for the future.

Talent and strengths

Our evidence-based strengths approach to talent management results in higher engagement, productivity, increased diversity and superior business outcomes.

People and change analytics

We help you use data-driven insights to support both talent management strategy and workforce initiatives.

Shaping culture

Our approach to culture shaping blends art and science, building on organisations’ unique strengths to deliver sustained results by focusing on critical behaviours, leadership and cultural role models.


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