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PA and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We work closely with AWS to help you create innovative, responsive business solutions that deliver enduring results. We combine deep industry knowledge across public and private sectors with technical expertise in large-scale cloud-enabled IT transformations to support you through your cloud adoption journey.

We blend our extensive business insights with AWS technical expertise to fully manage the end-to-end adoption of cloud services. By taking a customer centric approach, we help organisations understand the benefits of cloud services. And we draw on our wider capabilities to manage the people and process change, focusing on more than just the technical journey.


  • Our experts take cloud beyond simple IT efficiencies, using it to
    drive enterprise-level transformation. The adoption journey is much
    more than a technical exercise, it’s about taking a holistic, peoplecentred
    view that delivers strategic business outcomes.

  • Often, organisations see cloud transformation as an IT architecture
    change. But with the right approach, it enables agility, innovation
    and scale across the organisation. To achieve this, we work with
    you to create a cloud-first, customer-centric culture and develop
    the right skills.

  • Rapidly turning ideas into reality is crucial to gaining market
    advantage. And cloud can help. Our digital, innovation and
    customer insight experts help you test hypothesis and build proof
    of onccepts, using AWS to create new products and services at pace.

  • Cloud-enabled platform businesses drive unrivalled value. We help
    you understand the platform opportunities, enablers and barriers
    for your organisation, rethinking your operating model to maximise
    value. And our platform experts support you every step of the way.

  • Seamlessly transitioning systems from legacy architecture to the
    cloud isn’t easy. Yet, having supported countless cloud migrations,
    we have the experience and knowledge to accelerate your move
    without disrupting your operations.

  • By bringing together cloud, customer and product design experts
    into diverse teams, we design, develop and deliver innovative
    products that capitalise on the power of the cloud. We translate
    proof of concepts into scalable products and services at pace.

  • Cloud-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices are unlocking
    remarkable value across industries through automation and data.
    With the diverse skills at our Global Innovation and Technology
    Centre, we can work with you to pilot IoT innovations and quickly
    identify opportunities.

  • Data is valuable, but not all organisations understand its full value.
    So, we combine your expertise with our industry experience and
    knowledge of AWS’ analytics abilities to extract insights from data
    that help you make the right commercial decisions.

  • No matter how you use the cloud, security is paramount. Our
    cyber-security experts help you transform your security processes
    and the teams that manage them, and assure the infrastructure
    you use. We’re both trusted security adviser and security
    build partner.

our competencies

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, our experts specialise in many AWS Competencies:


We combine deep government and public sector knowledge with expertise in large-scale, cloud-enabled IT transformations to help you tackle your immediate challenges and deliver tangible benefits. For example, we used the latest AWS technology to deliver the largest and most complex cloud transformation in the UK Government, the Home Office Immigration Technology Cloud Transformation. The project won the 2017 UK IT Industry Award for ‘Best Use of Cloud Services’ and Cloud Excellence Award 2017 for ‘Best Overall Use of Cloud’.

Public safety and disaster response

We provide expertise to help transform your organisation so you can leverage the power of AWS to protect the public and prepare for, respond to and recover from natural or man-made emergencies and disasters. For example, we designed, built and optimised a new donations platform for the British Red Cross, one of the UK’s largest charities, which can withstand enormous spikes of traffic during large-scale emergency appeals.


Using the latest thinking in Scaled Agile and Lean 6-Sigma, as well as market-leading automation implementation methods, we help you employ the right AWS technologies and develop the culture, people and processes to maximise them.

For example, at the Home Office, as part of their AWS migration, we led the DevOps transformation work to enable faster releases to production while maintaining quality assurance. Our DevOps specialists developed the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline using AWS CloudFormation, Jenkins, Helm, Puppet, Packer and Git to build, test and release automatically. We leveraged this pipeline to deploy AWS services like EC2, ELB, S3 and RDS as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The new infrastructure that supports the platform also lets the technology team build and release new capability in six minutes instead of a day.

At the British Red Cross, we designed, built and optimised a new solution on AWS that can withstand enormous spikes in traffic during large-scale emergency appeals. We designed and implemented a path to production on AWS that enabled CI/CD of application releases. We automated deployment of AWS services like EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Load Balancers, CloudFront and RDS. The mission-critical platform built on AWS supported over 33,000 concurrent users and won the 2018 Sitecore Experience Award category for ‘Best ROI from a digital experience’.

Data and analytics

We combine platform delivery, business transformation and deep sector knowledge to unlock the full potential of your data. We’ve used innovative AWS technologies such as Redshift, Dynamo DB, Athena and Glue to enable successful cloud-based analytics transformations in many organisations, empowering them to become data-driven and disruptive.

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