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PA and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We work closely with AWS to help you create innovative, responsive business solutions that deliver enduring results. We combine deep industry knowledge accross public and private sectors with technical expertise in large-scale cloud-enabled IT transformations to support you through your cloud adoption journey.

We blend our extensive business insights with AWS technical expertise to fully manage the end-to-end adoption of cloud services. By taking a customer centric approach, we help organisations understand the benefits of cloud services. And we draw on our wider capabilities to manage the people and process change, focusing on more than just the technical journey.


  • We establish a framework to manage your cloud business that balances risk and opportunities. And we build future-ready businesses that embrace breakthrough AWS technologies.

    Our AWS experts provide recommendations for you to achieve high-level performance in a cost-efficient way. We are an AWS Well Architected Framework Reviewer. We assess your AWS hosted workloads against the five pillars outlined in the AWS Well Architected Framework, ensuring that your architecture follows best industry practices.

  • We advise you on the cloud adoption journey, from strategy to implementation. We treat the adoption journey as much more than a technical exercise and embrace the wider organisational impact, change and readiness to develop a holistic view.

  • We leverage AWS products such as Athena, Redshift, and Glue to design, implement and manage your data analytics, driving actionable insights that deliver business value.

  • We use plug and play AWS services to deliver solutions at pace and scale. We use Well Architect Framework approach to build a resilient, performant, cost optimised, secure and future-proof solutions to meet your business needs.

  • AWS Cloud brings unparalleled opportunities to change and deliver value more quickly. But to make the most of the technology potential, there must be efficient ways of working. Using the latest thinking in Scaled Agile and Lean 6-Sigma, as well as our market leading automation implementation, we’ll help you employ the right AWS technologies and develop the culture, people and processes to maximise them.

AWS cloud in the public sector and government

We used the latest AWS technology to deliver the largest and most complex cloud transformation in the UK Government, the Home Office Immigration Technology Cloud Transformation. The project won the 2017 UK IT Industry Award for ‘Best Use of Cloud Services’ and Cloud Excellence Award 2017 for ‘Best Overall Use of Cloud’.

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