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Operational technology security

We help secure your operational technology (OT) so critical production assets can become part of connected, digitalised processes without compromising security.

Our insights

What we can do for you

Whether you operate in energy, utilities, transport or manufacturing, we can help protect your operational technology from disruption. We tailor our support to reflect your requirements – from conducting a technical risk assessment for a single asset to developing OT security strategy for a global operation.

More specifically, we help:

  • Conduct an OT security health check to assess your current state of protection, the business impact from disruption, the risks, and your ability to respond to and recover from a security breach.
  • Strengthen your security arrangements, from improving security governance, identifying and addressing specific technical weaknesses, through to changing the way your people think and act on security.
  • Improve your response capability, including training your teams in incident management and running ‘war games’ to test your arrangements
  • Comply with the NIS regulations, including selecting and implementing solutions to enable detection of a security breach.

As widespread digitalisation drives greater connectivity between IT and OT environments, we help:

  • Integrate OT data into digital initiatives without compromising security of OT or IT, allowing you to capitalise on new technologies such as AI and machine learning.
  • Manage the risks from supply chain integration to reduce the potential for attacks launched through the supply chain where security may be weaker.
  • Implement and use third-party connections securely to gain the benefits of remote support and maintenance whilst staying in control and secure.

If you are involved in the regulation of critical infrastructure industries anywhere in the world, we help:

  • Develop OT cyber security guidelines and standards to ensure effective regulation, including implementing the EU NIS directive.
  • Assess compliance with standards and regulations, including building the capability of your inspectors through coaching, training and guidelines.

How we’ll work with you

We bring unrivalled experience from our years of working with businesses, governments and regulators across continents. Many of our experts worked in industry before joining us. That means you’ll get pragmatic advice, always grounded in real understanding of the practical challenges you face. 



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