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Incident response

While suffering a cyber attack is potentially devastating to an organisation, there’s an opportunity in the immediate aftermath to respond in the right way and come out stronger.

That’s what our cyber security incident response experts do. They work with organisations globally to respond to, recover from and investigate cyber incidents – particularly high severity cyber attacks. By mobilising a team of technical and industry experts within minutes of an engagement, we ensure minimal impact on your business, securing the trust of your customers and regulators.

Our insights

What we can do for you

To prevent as many attacks as possible, we’ll ensure your internal capabilities are as prepared as possible. That means stress testing your defences to see how people, processes and technology perform under pressure. 

If an attack comes, we’ll help you contain the initial impact and minimise the damage. Our extensive cyber-threat intelligence means we can predict how an attack is likely to unfold and quickly decide how to limit the harm attackers can do. And our post breach analytics will help you investigate the root cause, supporting you all the way through to disciplinary or legal proceedings.

We can help you:

Prepare to respond to cyber-attacks
We’ll run attack scenarios with your senior leaders and operations teams. Simulating cyber attacks reveals whether your policies and plans are up to scratch, and whether you need extra skills in key areas.

Prevent cyber threats becoming incidents
Threat intelligence gives us situational awareness; a key insight into how attackers are operating and what they’re preparing. And that tells us what threats to hunt in your systems, so we can close them down before they become incidents.

Manage incidents
If a cyber attack does happen, we’ll quickly apply our tried and tested incident run books. We’ll work with you to contain the attack and investigate the root cause vulnerability, helping you reduce the risk of a repeat event.

Investigate the incident
Our forensic investigators will get to the bottom of how the incident happened and follow the trail of evidence all the way to the culprit.

Keep risk under control
Being well-prepared to tackle threats makes you better able to manage risks and more confident about maximising opportunities to grow your business; whether it’s opening a production plant or launching in a new market.

We’re a registered CSIR provider and are accredited by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST). We’ve adopted their 3-Phase CREST model for CSIR, adhering to rigorous standards.

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How we’ll work with you

We’ll work closely with you to understand the questions you want to answer and the insights you need. Our agile approach means you’ll never be far from having a working product.



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