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Cyber security and digital trust

As cyber threats become more high profile and people become more aware of data privacy, organisations have an opportunity to differentiate themselves with outstanding digital trust and cyber security. They can build trust with customers and stakeholders by showing systems are secure, protect data from cyber-attack and comply with privacy regulations.

We can help you capture that opportunity. Our cyber security experts work with you to spot digital and technology security risks and reduce them. We help you better manage those risks yourself by putting the right controls in place and developing the systems, processes and culture to keep data safe. And we’ll build the resilience you need to get back to business with minimum financial and reputational loss when a cyber-attack does succeed.

We help secure critical national infrastructure, working with the public sector and businesses across financial services, consumer and retail, transport, travel and logistics, defence and security, energy and utilities, healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing. We’ve also helped create the national and industry best practices they all rely on.

That means our diverse team of digital trust and cyber security experts are perfectly placed to work with you to build customer and stakeholder trust. We’ll support you end-to-end, from assessing your current state, through developing clear strategies to meet your goals, to implementing the systems, processes and culture you need.

When it comes to preventing cyber-attacks, we help you:

  • focus your security effort on the right things using our intelligence on emerging security threats and maturity assessment framework
  • ensure that security is designed into your systems and processes, including the very latest technology in areas such as cloud, IoT and 5G
  • put your security systems and processes through their paces with government accredited penetration testing and realistic simulation exercises to test your resilience
  • prove you have a process for dealing with your cyber risks so you comply with necessary regulation, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, IEC 62443 and NERC CIP.

We can also help you recover from cyber-attacks by:

  • spotting breaches and finding the root cause to minimise impact and recover as soon as possible
  • ensuring you have a plan for handling incidents effectively from start to finish
  • searching the information within your organisation and across the dark web to rapidly establish the impact and severity of a cyber attack.

And we’ll ensure your people are set to maintain security by:

  • implementing protective monitoring capability including the use of the very latest machine learning and AI technologies to spot unusual patterns of behaviour
  • putting in place a leadership and governance framework so that everyone in the organisations knows their responsibilities and accountabilities in managing cyber risk and threat in their daily working activity
  • providing ongoing training and awareness through simulated attack scenarios and cultural transformational change initiatives, encompassing the breadth of board focus, to technical detail.

Need advice on cyber security training?

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