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The UK Ventilator Challenge

The UK Ventilator Challenge made sure everyone in the UK who needed a ventilator got one during the coronavirus pandemic. To achieve this, we coordinated the public and private sectors to overcome one of the toughest challenges of recent times.

Smart Supply Chain

Organisations need to take advantage of technology and data to bring new value to customers and across their wider supply network.
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In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, Unilever – a leading fast-moving consumer goods company – needed to rapidly evolve their global operations. Unilever and PA created a world-leading digital tool, COVID-19 Awareness and Situational Intelligence (CASI). CASI is a live dashboard providing real-time monitoring and predictive intelligence on COVID-19 trends from a global and regional level down to individual sites.
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A virtuous manufacturing circle makes environmental & economic sense

Exploring how to make value chains more sustainable, instead of perpetuating ones that create pollution in developing countries before exporting it to richer ones.
Industry Europe
20 June 2020
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Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which is responsible for driving tests in Britain, wanted to reinvigorate the service they provide to learner drivers. expertise in business case development, operating model design and sourcing to assist DVSA in reimagining the commercial delivery model for the driving theory test. Together with the DVSA we engaged 100+ potential suppliers prior to the procurement activity starting, uncovering potential for an innovative mixed-economy model that will bring greater control, value and quality.
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Rentokil’s pest control services allow businesses in these sectors to maintain those conditions, meeting strict safety standards and – ultimately – to trade. As a result of the Internet of Things (IOT), Rentokil has the ability to monitor a customer’s location 24/7 and have real-time updates on any infestation. This enables Rentokil to provide a more pro-active pest management service based on customer needs.
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Nuclear operator

We helped a nuclear operator to apply digital-twin concepts to model critical processes at its site. Digital twins enable the nuclear operator to use automation and AI to predict maintenance requirements and lower costs, prepare for the time when the site needs to purchase steam power and work towards reducing nearly 100,000 tons of CO2 generated each year.
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Milliken & Company

US-based Milliken & Company, a leading global producer of chemical additives, wants to help solve the environmental issues created by the improper management of plastics. As experts in helping organisations to become more sustainable, we’ve been working together to develop a strategy to mitigate the environmental impact of single-use plastic packaging.
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Department for International Development

Our diverse team, including experts in IT delivery, transformation, business design and product, design and engineering with a special focus on supply chains, blockchain and automation, worked closely with DFID to understand the challenges facing those providing and delivering aid. We helped DFID explore how blockchain technology can increase accountability and make the supply more transparent to ensure people in need get vital supplies.
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Anglo American

Anglo American’s Woodsmith Project – the construction of a new fertiliser development – has the potential to transform the regional economy in the North of England. Bringing deep expertise in economic development, technology and innovation, and supply chain, we identified wide-ranging opportunities for Anglo American to collaborate with local partners to boost existing growth initiatives.