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The UK Ventilator Challenge

The UK Ventilator Challenge made sure everyone in the UK who needed a ventilator got one during the coronavirus pandemic. To achieve this, we coordinated the public and private sectors to overcome one of the toughest challenges of recent times.

How to ensure a switch to sustainable materials is sustainable

Moving to sustainable materials isn’t a trivial task. There are scientific and engineering challenges, regulatory hurdles and a need to benchmark the green credentials of different materials. And organisations need to do all this without increasing cost or reducing performance.

The COVID-19 catalyst: an opportunity for the MedTech sector to lead with outcomes-based solutions

As the post-pandemic focus moves beyond crisis care, MedTech firms have an opportunity to lead the evolution to new models of care by focusing more on patient-led solutions. Here’s four steps to get started on that journey.
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Sustainability in drug delivery: A green future without compromising safety and efficacy

PA Consulting’s life sciences experts Mayur Patel and Eoin Sheridan discuss the different design approaches that can be used to develop sustainable drug delivery devices.
Chemistry Today
07 April 2021
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Remote but real life

PA Consulting’s medical device Human Factors experts, Philip Lance and Charlotte Redden, discuss how testing medical devices on target users in their own homes has brought about challenges as well as unexpected benefits due to COVID-19.
The Ergonomist
09 July 2021
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MedTech leaders and the shift from hospital to home

PA medtech experts Marck Aghnatios and Alistair Fleming discuss the benefits and opportunities of migrating care from hospital to the home environment.
Health Business
26 October 2021
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Digital twin technologies – shortening waiting lists and reducing inefficiencies

PA Consulting's Deepa Shukla and Ashley MacNaughton, healthcare experts, consider the use of Digital Twin Technologies to revolutionise healthcare.
Health Management
08 July 2022
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Answer these three questions before developing Software as a Medical Device

Three questions that health and life sciences organizations must answer before starting a Software as a Medical Device project.
Med Device Online
22 February 2021
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Three steps to get a virtual clinical trial up and running

Tyler Reynolds and Nadeem Fazal, health and life sciences experts at PA, share three steps that life sciences companies can take to run virtual clinical trials.
Clinical Leader
20 October 2020
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The interface between prefilled syringe and autoinjector – a framework for development

Jeffrey Philippson and Tom Kemp, drug delivery experts at PA Consulting, look at the challenges for autoinjector developers at the interface between the device and the prefilled syringe.
01 October 2019