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Charities must become more commercially aware and informed

The continued environment of austerity and pressure on the public purse (as well as individual donor wallets) are creating a new environment for charities. An environment where they have to be able to demonstrate they can deliver better value than any in-house or alternative third sector or commercial supply option.

The new English Football regulator should set the path to net zero

Football has a significant impact on the planet producing circa 1,134 tonnes of CO₂ eq in the space of one season. The arrival of a football regulator provides a golden opportunity to put sustainability front and centre on the sport’s agenda.

Local heroes: How UK innovation scales when it’s rooted in the right place

The UK is a world leader in innovation but must scale up to increase productivity and create growth. We have been working with the BEIS to find the best scaling-up practices, so that the UK can open its doors to more prosperity.

Cross-examination: an interview with Chris Wright, CEO of Catch22

In the latest in our series of interviews with stakeholders in the criminal justice system (CJS), we speak to Tony Simpson, CEO of Catch22.

A strong foundation for national resilience

Providing a strong foundation for national resilience is vital for the ambitions of the National Resilience Strategy (NRS). On the back of recent reviews of the Civil Contingencies Act, we see there are clear opportunities for the NRS to do more.

How public sector leaders can stop strategies becoming 'shelfware'

Leaders can ease the delivery of strategy by focusing on structural alignment.

How to use public funding to promote innovation in Net Zero technology 

How can government departments build their expertise to deliver funds that match their policies?  There are three areas to consider to ensure effective delivery.
Client Story

Cardia and Respect

Our digital and innovation experts worked with Cardia and Respect, two residential care organisations in the Netherlands, to bring innovative data products that will reduce time spent on administration so carers can focus on caring.
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Time to seize the economic potential of the HIP

Christian Norris, Head Economist, and Louise Northrop, economics expert at PA Consulting, discuss the scale of the Health Infrastructure Plan’s economic benefit and the need for acceleration.
Health Business
17 November 2020
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PA & AWS COVID-19: quickly reaching the shielded and vulnerable at scale

PA Consulting's Sam Charters discusses how PA and AWS joined forces to deliver Digital Social Care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tech UK
27 May 2020