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The Ocean Race

We worked with The Ocean Race to launch programme Horizon, making inclusion, equality, and diversity a reality in sailing.

How to ensure a switch to sustainable materials is sustainable

Moving to sustainable materials isn’t a trivial task. There are scientific and engineering challenges, regulatory hurdles and a need to benchmark the green credentials of different materials. And organisations need to do all this without increasing cost or reducing performance.

The time to act is now: Three key takeaways from The Sustainable Retail Summit 2021

Reflections on the Sustainable Retail Summit and how consumers goods and retail leaders must rethink plastics and waste, and lead with purpose.
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In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, Unilever – a leading fast-moving consumer goods company – needed to rapidly evolve their global operations. Unilever and PA created a world-leading digital tool, COVID-19 Awareness and Situational Intelligence (CASI). CASI is a live dashboard providing real-time monitoring and predictive intelligence on COVID-19 trends from a global and regional level down to individual sites.
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Three steps to a mindset shift to sustain our planet and feed the world

A mindset shift is needed so that we can embrace, develop, and scale new technologies to solve global food production and sustainability challenges.
Food Industry Executive
13 May 2021
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Managing supply chain cyber risk

Approaches to managing cyber security risks across the total supply chain.
ML Journal
01 August 2022
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Green Boom

We applied data analytics, business intelligence, and commercialisation expertise in go-to-market and growth strategy, creating a targeted sales strategy for Green Boom—putting their sustainable way to prevent, reduce, and clean up oil spills into the hands of more people.
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We worked with Photobox to re-build, modernise and improve their creation studio product – which allows users to create personalised products – and led the migration of their key brands onto a single global e-commerce platform.
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We've helped Notpla manufacture a 100 per cent biodegradable water bottle that aims to stop 1 billion plastic bottles reaching the ocean each year.
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ENSO Tyres

ENSO wants to find a way to solve the environmental impact stemming from tyre use. To bring this idea to life, they needed help defining their business model. This included understanding how a leasing model – where drivers lease tyres-as-a-service and pay according to miles covered – would work.