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Puget Sound Energy


Starting a revolution to improve every aspect of customer experience


We helped US utility company Puget Sound Energy develop their Get to Zero Program, which aims to revolutionize the customer experience. We helped them achieve their goal of moving from 4 million customer calls to preventing problems before they happen, enabling customers to easily solve their problems via self-serve and quickly solving problems when calls are received.


Key successes

  • list

    designed a five-year roadmap setting out the investment and activity PSE needed to undertake

  • complex technology

    enabled PSE to embark on one of the biggest and most complex transformations ever undertaken by a US utility

Putting customers first

When customers are forced to call their electricity or gas company, it usually means they’re disappointed, dissatisfied or unhappy. Puget Sound Energy (PSE), a major utility based in the northwest of the US, have ambitious plans to make sure they always keep their customers happy.

Last year they received four million calls from their 1.4 million customers, many of which were queries about bills and basic services. That isn’t efficient for the customers or the company and they asked us to help them transform the experience they provide for customers.

Developing a road map for success

PA’s support has been invaluable. This is a huge and complex undertaking and their breadth of expertise gives us confidence in every area—from customer experience, to program management and sourcing through to data analytics. We’re looking forward to making this program a success together.

Josh Jacobs, Get To Zero, Director

We worked with PSE and a combined vendor team to develop a plan to prevent problems and improve efficiency. Together, we designed a five-year roadmap setting out the investment and activity PSE would need to make these changes. These range from projects to transform self-service options, establish new data analytics, to improvements in the way field staff are scheduled and interact with customers.

We’ve given PSE insights into best practice for sourcing vendors who can provide the systems and services PSE wants to give their customers. We’ve helped them understand how best to structure the program to deliver the new elements they want to offer. That involved working with them to develop standards and governance arrangements for working with partners. And we’ve supported them in developing skills in disciplines including managing projects, managing change and designing target operating models, for example.

PSE has now embarked on this transformation: one of the biggest and most complex ever undertaken by a US utility. And we’re helping them make it happen.

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