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Defining a 3-year strategy to develop one of the world’s most innovative medical societies

To reflect the reality of modern healthcare and help its 19,000 member clinicians deliver the best care for patients, we helped CHEST, The American College of Chest Physicians, devise a growth strategy.


Key successes

  • list

    developed a priority list of 11 opportunities for innovation

  • target

    identified three key projects that are actionable and achievable

  • lightbulb

    positioned CHEST as an association with innovative thinking

The way physicians care for patients is evolving. Today, specialists are more likely to work in teams with other clinicians, rather than independently, to deliver the best care for patients. To reflect the reality of modern healthcare, medical societies, which traditionally focus on specific disciplines, need to innovate too.

Recognizing these changes, CHEST wanted to develop a growth strategy to ensure it remained the global leader in its field.  The organization supports chest medicine professionals with opportunities for learning, idea exchange, mentorship and collaboration, and has almost 19,000 members worldwide.

One of the things that attracted us to PA was not only their consulting expertise, but also their ability to clarify and develop real-world, practical solutions, and show us how we could bring these to market. We had an opportunity to meet the senior management team and this really underscored PA’s commitment to working with us. It was a demonstration of the partnership spirit that we had talked about throughout the project.

Robert A. Musacchio PhD
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CHEST Enterprises

PA experts joined CHEST for an intensive eight-week project to develop the strategy. We worked closely with CHEST leaders to refine their ideas, encourage innovative thinking and gain consensus around a structured set of recommendations. In all, the joint team generated 43 opportunities for innovation, and a shortlist of 11 priority projects.

CHEST has now identified three key projects for implementation, each of which will allow the organization to develop truly innovative support for its members. The projects are actionable, achievable, and represent the first steps in building an organization with the confidence and skills to innovate successfully.

With PA’s support, CHEST has established a clear strategy for the future. It has also started on a journey to ensure that, in years to come, it will still be helping its members to provide the best possible care for the millions of people who suffer from pulmonary disease worldwide.

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