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How a data-driven approach can turbo-charge customer service

Utility Week

22 June 2022

PA Consulting’s Marc Tritschler, a utilities expert, shares his insights on how utilities are approaching their digital journey, and how they are using data to deliver better customer experiences.

Marc says:Engagement is difficult as many utilities – especially networks  - have little regular interaction with customers and may not even hold basic contact details.”

Marc continues: They often have little information about consumers’ needs and interests beyond necessary information such as name and billing address, making it a challenge to identify topics that are of interest. Engagement is often only possible in response to customer-initiated contact.”

Marc adds that there are a number of ways utilities can use data to identify and support vulnerable customers: “These include using financial data from credit reference agencies. In addition, some utilities – typically water and energy distribution companies in the same geographical areas – are also sharing customer data to jointly identify and maintain their priority services registers.”

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