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Be bold with ideas, sector urged

By Steve Dale

Transportation Professional

07 January 2022

PA Consulting’s transport expert, Charlie Henderson, comments on the critical climate challenges the transport sector needs to address.

The article discusses how incremental improvements to transport systems and infrastructure will no longer be sufficient when it comes to meeting critical challenges around climate and better places.

Charlie says: “The transport sector is facing two once in a generation changes. First, we need to respond positively to the environmental challenge. I don’t believe we can do this successfully with just current thinking, techniques and approaches. Second, people’s transport patterns have changed dramatically as a result of Covid. This has huge commercial implications for public transport operators.”

He adds: “We are at a critical moment for the transport industry. We need to change, and this has to be built upon innovation; incremental improvement will not deliver what we need.”

Charlie goes on to say that the transport industry is traditionally risk averse and remarked: “We need to think about portfolios of innovation with a mixture of high and low risk initiatives. This is more likely to realise overall success. If we do that, we are more likely to end up with projects that come through and succeed.”

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