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PA Consulting and Toumetis deploy iPredict™ powered by Cascadence™ technology to identify assets which may fail, and proactively prevent service disruption to customers

25 May 2022

PA Consulting (PA), the global innovation and transformation consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life, and Internet of Things and machine learning experts Toumetis, deploy iPredict™, the world’s first artificially intelligent system for predicting failures in critical electricity distribution assets. By identifying which specific assets are likely to fail within the next few days or weeks, iPredict™ enables utilities to prevent certain equipment and other asset failures before they cause an outage that interrupts service to customers.

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) has begun a broad, long term pilot deployment of iPredict™ powered by Cascadence™ at substations across the FPL system. The technology will monitor FPL’s distribution system to identify impending asset and equipment failures that could impact customers.

Jow Ortiz, FPL Advanced Reliability Analytics Program Director, says: “FPL develops and deploys advanced technologies to better serve our customers. We are initiating a pilot of iPredict™ powered by Cascadence™ to test how it can help us improve our customer experience and achieve reliability and cost improvements.”

Mark Willnerd, President and CEO of Toumetis, says: “We’re excited to be at the forefront of asset management to improve the reliability of our utility partner FPL. Cascadence allows FPL to prioritize and proactively schedule work to improve safety for its crews, reduce operational and maintenance costs, and minimize customer outage impacts. This is the culmination of years of hard work and innovation by the Toumetis team.”

Derek HasBrouck, energy and utilities expert at PA Consulting, says: “FPL have always been industry leaders regarding the use of technology and innovations, and are continuously exploring solutions to improve employee and public safety, grid reliability, and customer satisfaction. The use of iPredict™ will enable FPL to adopt an even more proactive approach to customer reliability, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Ensuring that FPL can identify issues, plan repairs, and execute corrective action on critical infrastructure in advance of customer interruption is a game changer for customers. Toumetis and PA are excited to support FPL on their journey with iPredict™.”

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