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Tobias Kihlén joins PA Consulting as a new partner in Sweden

29 January 2021

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PA Consulting (PA) is pleased to announce Tobias Kihlén as a new partner within transport and public services in Sweden. His appointment is part of the firm´s investment in continued growth in the areas of transport and infrastructure in Sweden and the Nordic region.

Tobias has 14 years of experience in the management consulting industry with a focus on sales and delivery of large transformation projects in a number of sectors such as transport, public administration, finance, manufacturing and retail. Tobias most recently came from the role of head of PwC Sweden's Operations Practice and previously worked at Accenture.

Tobias' expertise lies primarily in operational excellence and maximizing the potential of operational activities with the right quality, efficiency and sustainability. He has extensive experience of leading major change programs, but also of establishing new businesses from scratch.

Joacim Sundell, Country Head and responsible for transport and infrastructure in the Nordic region, said: “Tobias complements our large team in the Nordic region in transport and infrastructure. His profile strengthens PA's ability to be a strategic partner to authorities and companies that will be developed in a world characterized by volatile travel patterns, increasing needs for freight transport and an increasingly harmonized infrastructure in Europe, which will require huge investments for decades.”

Tobias added: “I am happy to join PA Consulting and work with the challenges and opportunities that our customers in the transport and public sector face today. I am particularly impressed by the PA team's combination of deep technical knowledge with an equally good insight into strategy and business needs.”

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