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“AI is invisible – that’s part of the problem"

By Sarah Dawood

The New Statesman

15 June 2022

PA’s Lee Howells, head of artificial intelligence, comments on the AI Council’s role in challenging perceptions around artificial intelligence (AI) in an article in The New Statesman.

The article discusses that many perceptions around the application of AI persists and many still believe it’s mostly used for robotics.

It continues that the surge in AI use poses many ethical questions around data privacy, the supplanting of employees and the potential for AI to perpetuate unconscious human bias, explaining that AI use needs proper regulation.

Commenting on how The AI Council can further enhance its existing role in promoting AI, Lee Howells says more work should be done to address AI’s image problem, and that the council is “well positioned” to become the authoritative voice for that.

“[The fact] that much of everyday life is positively impacted by AI through things such as search engine results, medical discovery and traffic routing needs to be simply and consistently communicated to help educate society and allay fears,” he says.

Adding to this, Lee says the council will face a challenge in establishing a “clear role” for itself, amongst a complex landscape of AI government bodies and independent organisations.

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