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UK armed forces confirms cyber as fifth dimension of warfare

By Stephen Pritchard

The Daily Swig

16 September 2021

PA Consulting’s cyber and defence expert, Cate Pye, comments on the UK’s armed forces plan to make significant investments in cybersecurity capabilities and skills over the next few years, which was revealed at the DSEI conference.

The article explains that at the MOD the shift is towards using digital technology as a force multiplier in order to make conventional forces more effective. This includes investments in areas such as AI and machine learning (ML).

Commenting on this, Cate says: “There is a huge dependence [on data and IT] now. Every industry is now able to do more and do it better with data and analysis, and defence is no different.

“The key will be to understand what questions need to be answered and how to use and get the information to make those decisions.

“Then AI and ML will need to be deployed to help decision makers so that the volume of data does not obscure the golden nuggets of information.”

The article goes on to explain that to build an effective strategy, all this must be linked to both defensive, and offensive, cyber capabilities and closer ties between individual armed forces, other government departments, and industry.

Cate explains: “Following the Integrated Review, we are seeing investment in skills, multi-domain integration, and an appreciation that this is needed across the five defence domains and the rest of UK government.

“This is leading to greater cooperation and should, ultimately, lead to a requirement that new initiatives are 'integrated by instinct' and that they will not get funding unless they are.”

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