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Navigating the AI labyrinth with Alwin Magimay, Global Head of AI

By Neil C. Hughes

Tech Talks Daily Podcast

17 September 2023

PA’s global head of AI, Alwin Magimay, is interviewed for The Tech Talks Daily Podcast about how to navigate AI and what board members, start-up founders or academics need to consider.

Alwin discusses the importance of Boardrooms formulating AI manifestos and regulation as a cornerstone of future business ethics. He also explains that transparency in AI usage is becoming a regulatory imperative and trust and ethical considerations are foundational to its mainstream acceptance and utility.

As the podcast goes on, Alwin provides a panoramic view of how AI technologies, including generative models, are revolutionising diverse industries including healthcare transport, and retail, and the opportunities it offers as well as the vulnerabilities they expose.

Listen to the full podcast.

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