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Here’s how the UK’s new data rules would impact compliance officers

By Ryan Morrison

Tech Monitor

22 July 2022

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PA Consulting’s Lee Howells, head of AI, comments on the proposed Data Protection and Digital Information bill (DPDI) and its implication for AI use in an article by Ryan Morrison in Tech Monitor.

Sharing his thoughts on this, Lee explains that the best practice for ensuring responsible AI use is to “integrate it into existing governance structures” adding that this governance should draw on functional expertise across the organisation, saying that “such expertise is likely to be held in multiple resources rather than an individual, especially in larger organisations”.

Lee goes on to say that the existing AI rulebook requires that the use of AI is explainable and therefore “the entity responsible for understanding why an AI application has advised a given decision needs to be proficient at asking ‘why’; stopping only when the data scientists responsible for developing the AI application can explain incontrovertibly why it is determining the answer it is.”

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