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Team Protect selected to deliver major MOD multi-year programme to keep UK forces safe

28 October 2022

Team Protect, comprising PA Consulting, Leonardo UK, Leidos UK and Marshall Land Systems, has been selected by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver CRENIC – a future Force Protection Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) programme. It will provide the next generation of innovative solutions to counter the threats posed by radio controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

As system-integrator on this multi-year programme, Team Protect will work collaboratively with the MOD to design and deliver software defined Force Protection ECM solutions to protect UK forces and save lives on operations. A key part of their role will be to establish, and sustain, a wider ecosystem of UK organisations to help deliver pioneering solutions and select best-in-class technology.

The programme marks a major step in delivering on the 2021 Defence and Security Industrial Strategy, enabling collaboration between MOD and UK industry to respond with agility and pace to emerging threats and technology upgrades.

On behalf of Team Protect, Peter Lovell, global head of defence and security at PA Consulting said:

“We are delighted that Team Protect has been selected to be the System Integrator (SI) for CRENIC. This programme marks a strong progression of the collaborative approach between industry and MOD to deliver innovative solutions to keep UK forces safer.

“The team has deep and extensive experience across vital capabilities, including major programme delivery, development and support of complex systems, creating technology ecosystems, and platform integration. We will deliver this programme and keep UK forces safer by leveraging our relative strengths - using ingenuity to help deliver a positive human future.”

Major General Robin Anderton-Brown, Director Capability Strategic Command, said:

“CRENIC is a key project led by Strategic Command, the Defence lead for the Cyber and Electromagnetic Domain and Multi-Domain Integration. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and adopting an agile acquisition approach, CRENIC will deliver a world-leading capability to protect our forces deployed on global operations.”

Andy Start, DE&S CEO said:

“Whilst our armed forces are prepared to face extraordinary risks to keep our nation safe, it is essential that we provide them with the best possible tools to carry out their roles as safely and effectively as possible. It’s crucial that we stay one step ahead of the enemy so we can counter any advancements in hostile threats and do all we can to keep our people safe.”

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