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‘Don’t be afraid to give it a go’- Making the career change to technology

By Aoife McDowell

Sync NI

29 September 2021

PA Consulting’s digital expert, Dearbháil Rice, discusses her career and why she decided to make the change to technology, in an interview with Sync NI.

The article explains how, with the technology sector in Northern Ireland booming, there is an ever-increasing demand for employees. However, not all of these employees start out in technology and software, with many making a career change from another sector.

Dearbháil talks about why and how she changed her career path by completing a 9 week software development java academy with Belfast Met and PA Consulting.

Reflecting on her time at the academy, Dearbháil says: “It was taught very differently from my master’s, and I feel I learned a lot from it, from both a technical and soft skills perspective.”

Dearbháil also notes that in her new position at PA, she is always “chatting to people and building relationships” as “communication is a massive component in software.”

Dearbháil says the skills she gained working in a team in her previous position are beneficial in her new role. She comments on the similarities, stating: “You have the same common goal and everyone is there to reach that goal together. Nobody is trying to one up each other or anything. It's all about what we can do together to get the end product that we want and get the best result for our clients.”

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