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EBA Panelists: Western RTO complicated but necessary

By Rebecca Santana

RTO Insider

14 March 2022

PA Consulting energy expert Rachel Bryant discusses the intricacies of creating an organized market in the western US.

The RTO Insider article noted that the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Energy Bar Association this month hosted a panel to discuss the intricacies of creating an organized market in the West.

Each panelist at the March 3 “Winter Energizer” gave a short presentation on their organization and its part in the energy transition. And each made it clear that an organized market would be crucial to reaching the region’s decarbonization targets.

The panelists acknowledged that the political diversity of the West means designing this market will not be a simple undertaking. Being flexible enough to accommodate states and their varied interests is key to creating a system that benefits states, utilities and ratepayers alike.

The main drawback states and utilities face when considering an organized market is the fear of a lack of autonomy. Rachel said states have seen how some markets in the East have been rigid and were designed without diverse state policies and adaptability in mind.

“Breaking through that sort of stigma that you’re going to lose all your rights and be forced to do things you don’t want to do — I think is a huge part,” she said. “I feel like markets almost need a marketing manager to make this seem appealing to the people who are most resistant.”

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