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Annual industry trends report: Thinking bigger in 2023 to drive better outcomes

Reuters Events

01 February 2023

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PA Consulting’s Life Sciences expert Raymond Short addresses health inequity in pharma for Reuters Events’ Annual Pharma Report.

What is Patient Engagement’s role in furthering pharma’s mission to address health inequities, and what are the biggest barriers to doing this? What actions are critical for impacting minority outcomes across the value chain?

Raymond says that minorities are subject to treatment biases that are deeply rooted in the beliefs and practices of healthcare systems worldwide. To eliminate these biases there are 3 sets of actions that must be undertaken across the value chain:

  • Drive awareness: We must become aware of them, understand them. Use patient advocacy groups, medical associations and national / international congresses to ensure minority biases are surfaced and discussed.
  • Co-sponsor campaigns: Partner with patient groups, PAGs, community health centers and national health agencies to actively communicate the risk of missed participation from minorities leading to sub-optimal outcomes. Minority leaders and patient advocates are needed to identify bias; population health insights are needed to clarify the scope and impact of bias, and collaborative workgroups must be empowered to design and execute solutions.
  • Fix minority representation in external communications: Ensure adequate minority representation is built into the design for any market-facing activities – marketing, advertising, clinical trials, medical communications ensuring the published data reaches all communities.

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