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How new leaders can succeed

By Stefan Stern


01 September 2022


PA Consulting’s Charlene Li, chief research officer, discusses how new leaders can succeed and the key findings from PA’s report ‘A New Way to Lead’ in an article in Prospect by Stefan Stern.

Commenting on key advice to help new leaders ensure success from the start, Charlene explains that “A big mistake leaders can make when they are promoted is that they still think they are doing their old job,” adding that “You were promoted because you were really good at your old job. This is a new job. It’s extremely important to establish what’s required now.”

Charlene continues by discussing findings from ‘A New Way to Lead’ which split leaders as ‘survivors’ or ‘revivers’: “Revivers see disruption as an opportunity,” Li says. “They run towards it. Fundamentally leaders create change,” she adds: “The leaders who get promoted are very often revivers. Except in risk averse firms, you don’t get promoted for being a survivor.”

Charlene goes on to say that what is needed is “realistic optimism”: leaders who are optimistic about what the future could look like, but who are also realistic about the situation today.

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