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Electric Vehicle Fleets and Load Demand: Are you ready for the surge?

Jonathan Jacobs

By Jonathan Jacobs

POWER Magazine

01 May 2020

Jonathan Jacobs, an energy and utilities expert at PA Consulting, shares six actions that power companies can take to prepare for the surge of electric vehicles and electrified delivery fleets.


Electric vehicle adoption is expected to continue growing, especially in delivery and service company fleets. That means load demand could surge, particularly around charging depots, and utilities must plan for the transition. Six actions that power companies can begin taking now to prepare for the electrification of transportation are detailed below.

Manufacturers continue to announce and display new models of electric passenger cars and trucks, vehicle chargers are becoming common in company parking lots around the country, and regulators and utilities are rolling out more programs to build demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and vehicle chargers. Utilities are also beginning to consider the impacts of EV charging on electricity demand, utility load, and energy pricing—at least at a macro level. But those effects will not be uniform across the country or even any city.

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