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PulPac partners with PA Consulting to customise plastic replacements across industry

By Natalie Schwertheim

Packaging Insights

29 November 2022

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PA Consulting’s Tony Perrotta, sustainability expert, talks about PA’s strategic partnership with PulPac, with Natalie Schwertheim in an article by Packaging Insights.

In conversation with Packaging Insights, Tony explains: “The collaboration agreement ensures that brands do not feel as though they are working with disparate organizations – this is a partnership to help brands meet their sustainability goals, and it takes the range of expertise across PulPac and PA Consulting to help them meet this.”

He adds, “Not using an expert in the field raises multiple challenges: brands may not have the required expertise or resources available or will seek a one-to-one replacement of a plastic design without understanding how to take full advantage of Dry Molded Fiber.”

Tony goes on to explain that, “the partnership is about working collaboratively with PulPac to ensure that brands are supported as they seek to replace single-use plastics across their products and packaging. Dry Molded Fiber is a new technology, and there are limited experts in this space capable of understanding the process and the design requirements needed to bring this to life.”

He adds that, “for most brands, every product or package has a specific barrier and functionality needs that require a bespoke solution, and this is where we can offer our expertise. These are not off-the-shelf catalogue components, and if we’re going to ensure that brands can use sustainable materials for the long-term, then they need the right support at the outset, if brands are interested in understanding how they can use Dry Molded Fiber, we work directly with them to determine if it fits their specific needs. If so, we provide a phased approach to evaluation, design and prototype.”

Tony stresses that “PA and PulPac will work together with brands to implement PulPac’s sustainable Dry Molded Fiber technology without compromising on quality, cost or consumer experience."

He goes on to say: “As companies increasingly seek innovative ways to decarbonize, the technology is an ‘excellent’ solution, leaving an 80-90% lower CO2 footprint at the same or lower cost as plastic. Every CPG brand has unique and complex requirements.”

“PA understands this and will draw upon our technical expertise, innovative processes and design capability to ensure that together we meet those needs.”

Tony concludes: “We are excited about the possibilities of this collaboration and accelerating PulPac’s offering to help support brands, from food and drinks to cosmetics to healthcare, reduce the use of single-use plastics and make strides in achieving net-zero goals”.

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