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PA Consulting signs collaboration agreement with PulPac to bring Dry Molded Fiber solutions to life for global brands

14 November 2022

PA Consulting (PA), the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life and PulPac, the Swedish R&D and IP company behind Dry Molded Fiber, have signed a collaboration agreement where PA is their key strategic partner to brands. PA will advise any brand looking to transform their product and packaging using PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber technology - offering expert advice to meet their bespoke, plastic-free, packaging and product needs.

The collaboration builds on PA’s role as a global development and scale-up partner for PulPac’s revolutionary Dry Molded Fiber technology - a patented sustainable product and packaging solution that uses renewable cellulose fibre and almost no water in the manufacturing process. It outlines PA’s ability to support the commercialisation of PulPac’s unique solution, providing the world’s largest consumer and packaged goods (CPG) brands with a sustainable replacement to plastic that can be adapted to meet complex product and packaging requirements.

Under the agreement, PA will focus on brand activation - working with brands to develop new applications for Dry Molded Fiber, such as primary and secondary packaging, and replacing plastic in product formulations.

Commenting on this, Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer of PulPac said:

“Global brands need to act on the plastic pledges made - and our technology offers a functional, scalable, and affordable solution. The partnership with PA allows us to accelerate our offering to brands and support them on their journey to reduce single-use plastics and bring sustainable products to market. We are excited about the collaboration and being a force for sustainable change in the packaging industry.”

Tony Perrotta, PulPac Partnership Lead at PA Consulting said:

“Supporting brands to meet their sustainability goals sits at the heart of this collaboration agreement. PA and PulPac will work together, with brands, to implement PulPac’s sustainable Dry Molded Fiber technology without compromising on quality, cost, or consumer experience. As companies increasingly seek innovative ways to de-carbonise, this technology is an excellent solution, leaving an 80-90 per cent lower CO2 footprint at the same or lower cost as plastic.

“Every CPG brand has unique and complex requirements. PA deeply understands this and will draw upon our technical expertise, innovative processes, and design capability to ensure that together we meet those needs. We are excited to announce this collaboration agreement and further our joint sustainability mission.”

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