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Nyenrode Business University and PA Consulting team up for new approach on audit

14 March 2019

PA Consulting, the global innovation and transformation consultancy, and Nyenrode Business University have partnered to host a two-day training programme on data-driven auditing on 13 May and 3 June.

Nyenrode is a private university in The Netherlands, offering courses in business, management, accountancy, controlling and fiscal law. PA and Nyenrode developed the programme to demonstrate that big data and data quality are the keys to a successful transformation for the audit function.

Ruud Brink, digital data expert at PA Consulting, comments: “Audit and risk departments cannot keep up with the pace of new digital and agile working methods in business. They require a modern and data-driven approach to auditing and risk management. Despite this, many businesses are not yet fully equipped for the task. We look forward to working with Nyenrode to discuss how companies can use their data to thrive.”

Remmelt Vetkamp, financial director at Nyenrode, comments: “Data changes the way in which audits are carried out. This results in all sorts of technical dilemmas. How do you deal with the accuracy of a model, model validation and data quality issues? And how does this affect people’s roles and responsibilities? These and other questions are addressed in the Data-Driven Audit masterclass. Additional topics covered include the pitfalls of collecting data and derivative data for data sets.”

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