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Autumn Statement: the industry responds

New Power

22 November 2023

PA Consulting's Anthony Legg, energy and utilities expert, comments on the Chancellor's Autumn Statement and the missed opportunities to introduce measures and policy announcements for renewables. 

Commenting on this, Anthony says there was a: "Missed opportunity to take decisive measures to aid UK’s international competitiveness in the hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and nuclear industries. We remain at significant – and increasing – risk of falling behind the US and EU in attracting investment into these green growth industries."

Adding: "While the Statement hasn’t included much in the way of new policy announcements, a raft of new announcements is expected before the end of the year, including in relation to accelerating hydrogen and carbon capture and storage investments and the ongoing review of electricity market arrangements, so hopefully we can look forward to enjoying the holiday season with a renewed sense that delivery of net zero is on track.”

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