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20 July 2018

PA Consulting launches 2018 annual summer work experience and internship programmes

Over the next three months, a group of 30 students are demonstrating their ingenuity at using technology to tackle some of society’s profound challenges. PA Consulting’s internship and studentship programmes kick-off this week, now in their sixth year selecting some of the UK’s top STEM talent from more than 2,200 applicants. The programmes have been established to encourage the next generation of scientists, engineers, and designers to bring fresh thinking to big opportunities. These programmes form just part of PA’s STEM programme that includes an apprenticeship scheme, the international Raspberry PI coding competition, and more.

The focus for this year’s programme is ‘disruptive technologies that will change the way we live our lives’. Projects range from mapping the future of quantum technologies, using technology to change home life, advancing polar exploration, fast wireless charging drones to VR presence robots and coatings and advanced materials.

The programme focusses how to build commercially viable products and services using new technologies, how to build a business case, and manage a project and a budget. For the three months of the internship, the students become part of PA’s core Innovation team based at its Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Melbourn UK.

Steve Carden, intern programme lead at PA Consulting says: “We have had a record number of students this year here at PA. Our internship programme, now in its sixth year, has become known for giving real hands-on experience and tangible tools to use in future. At PA, we believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology driven world and are delighted that many of the work experience students stay in STEM careers, with many going on to join PA and having a brilliant career.”

Frazer Bennett, PA Consulting Chief Innovation Officer, says: “I am never more inspired than when I get to work with the next generation of UK engineering, science and design talent. We know that it is our ability to work in teams to solve society’s pressing challenges that marks us out from our competitors, and this next generation of talent form an important part of these teams.”

Adam, a summer intern from Loughborough University, says: “I applied to PA as at a previous industrial placement, the more diverse and interesting problems were given to consultancies and I wanted to experience this. At PA I am helping develop technology that makes it easier to cross the south pole with an explorer as a client. The project more than fulfils my expectations as there are actual deliverables and at the end of week one we already have ideas on what the final product will shape up to be like.” 

Gregory, summer intern from the University of Cambridge, says: “I chose PA as I want to use my engineering degree so PA is a great choice with a blend of consultancy whilst still being very technical. I am working on fast drone charging here at PA. I design the hardware, choose the kit for the drone and use 3D printers to print custom parts. The project is like a shrunk down version of actual client work and so is multi-disciplinary and gives us a flavour of how diverse working in a consultancy is.” 

John, work experience student from The Perse School, says: “I met PA’s consultants at our school careers event. They gave me a feel for the innovative and creative aspect to PA and got me enthused about working there. I’m currently working on a project to reduce food waste in households and save people money. I am involved in the design and the mechanics. It has been great to meet similar minded people interested in STEM during my time at PA."

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