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Industry reacts to publication of UK MedTech Strategy


06 February 2023

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PA Consulting's Valerie Phillips, healthcare expert, comments on the Department for Health and Social Care's first ever medical technology strategy in the UK.

Commenting on this, Valerie says: "In combination with revised UK medical device regulatory requirements, the strategy can facilitate innovation across the sector and the UK is well placed to play a central role globally in ensuring that innovations make a lasting impact on patient outcomes and drive equal access to care to patients across a range of pathways".

Adding: "Through a collaborative approach, by issuing clear demand signalling and engaging with industry from the outset, innovation pathways will be facilitated by the strategy".

Valerie concludes: "In an increasingly complex landscape, with a plethora of options on products and solutions, the MedTech strategy sets out a clear vision to ensure the right products reach the right patients in the right circumstances. This will ensure that innovative products reach patients to produce desired health outcomes."

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