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Why we need to stop creating 'accidental managers'

By Stefan Stern

Management Today

27 September 2023

PA Consulting's Sally Bibb, head of the strengths practice, shares her thoughts on 'accidental managers' with Stefan Stern in an article in Management Today. 

The article talks about Sally's book – The Strengths BookDiscover How to be Fulfilled in Your Work and in Life – and goes on to explain that she has long advocated a strengths-based approach to both recruitment and career planning.

The article goes on to talk about how organisations can improve the quality of its managers and hire intentionally. 

Commenting on this, Sally says: "You can’t just make people love being in charge. I love managing people – but not to be ‘in charge’. I’m really interested in other people, I love helping people. One of the highlights of my job is having a 30 minute check-in with members of my team every week. It’s not a threat, or a formal ‘1:1’ or ‘appraisal’ – it’s all about offering to help.”

Read the full and original article in Management Today

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