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How artificial intelligence will evolve in 2023

By Poornima Apte

ITPro Today

04 January 2023

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PA Consulting’s head of artificial intelligence Lee Howells shares 2023 artificial intelligence predictions in an ITPro Today article.

What’s ahead for the ongoing AI boom?

A confluence of many factors – powerful computing in small form factors, edge computing, the integration of IT and operational technology (OT), 5G, and even the COVID-19 pandemic – has buoyed the adoption of artificial intelligence in a variety of industries. Valued at $93.5 billion in 2021, research firm Market View Research predicts the global adoption of AI will grow at an astounding 38% compounded annual growth rate until 2030.

So where does AI go from here?

Lee said that AI will become less of a black box and predicts 2023 will see more organizations voluntarily publicizing their AI principles and outlining their processes.

“There will be greater use of ‘explainable AI’ over black box models in areas that directly affect individuals. Organizations with published AI principles and demonstrably ethical use of AI and data will see greater acceptance by the public of the use of their data.”

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