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Want a higher paid job in tech?

By George Fitzmaurice

IT Pro

25 January 2024

PA Consulting's Alwin Magimay, global head of AI, talks AI skills with George Fitzmaurice in an article in IT Pro. 

Commenting on this, Alwin explains: "AI expertise will remain a highly sought after skill set moving forward, with organizations across a raft of industries seeking to capitalize on the generative AI ‘boom’."

He adds: “It is likely that the most advanced AI expertise will remain highly valued, while demand for more intermediary skills may depend more on the overall economic climate and rate of adoption of AI."

Alwin concluded: "This period of lofty salary increases for AI-savvy workers will eventually peter out: There is certainly a believable scenario where the current premium pay for AI talent proves fleeting.”

Read the full and original article in IT Pro.

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