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New electric car chargepoint designer hopes devices will become as iconic as red postbox

By Tom Bawden


11 November 2021

PA Consulting’s design and innovation expert, Dan Toon, discusses the new EV chargepoint design in iPaper.

The article says that Dan hopes this electric car chargepoint prototype may one day be as iconic a feature of UK streets as the black cab or red postbox.

Commenting on the supply of street charging points, Dan says: “I’m super hopeful that this design could become the next icon on the British streets and that would be awesome. Something like 40 per cent of UK population doesn’t have a driveway or garage so they’re not able to charge their vehicles overnight at home, so they have a crucial role to play.”

Dan goes on to say that payment is contactless for the chargepoint and the circular handle makes it easy to hold because you can grip it in all sorts of ways.

The UK government’s transport decarbonisation plan is a world-leading ‘greenprint’ for building a net zero transport system by 2050. Key to delivering on the plan will be a switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles (EVs) – replacing all cars with EVs would cut the country’s total carbon footprint by 12 per cent, Nottingham Trent University has found.

Read the full article in iPaper

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