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PA Denmark positions itself even stronger

By Christian Carlsen

Inside Business

15 October 2021

Read the article in Danish here

In an article about the leading consultancies in Denmark, PA Consulting is mentioned as one of the companies that has emerged from the aftermath of COVID-19 with strong results.

According to PA’s head of Denmark, Henrik Ringgaard Pedersen, despite the fact that PA Consulting's accounts reflect a “full blown corona affect”, they show a growth in revenue of just under 5 percent.

The article points out that savings on travel, recruitment and other activities raised gross profit margin by as much as 14.2 percent.

The great results come after a year that has brought major changes to PA Consulting. This partly applies to the ownership structure, when, last November, the previous owner, the private equity fund Carlyle Group, sold the whole of PA Consulting to the industrial player Jacobs in a deal that valued it at £1.8 billion. Subsequently, PA Consulting also changed its Danish leadership when Søren Krogh Knudsen moved to the IT company Columbus and was replaced by Henrik Ringgaard Pedersen.

Henrik Ringgaard Pedersen said:

"We are very focused. This applies to both our Danish and our global networks. Instead of chasing a lot of different businesses, we have selected sectors and customers where we know we can make a difference."

He continues:

“We have been working to position ourselves for the slightly more difficult tasks within digitisation, and we are starting to look more at providing end to end advice instead of cutting it up into pieces. It also means that we get involved in other types of tasks.”              

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