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How will artificial intelligence impact UK consumers lives?

By Charles Orton-Jones

Information Age

31 July 2023

PA Consulting's Alwin Magimay, global head of AI, discusses the impact AI is likely to have on UK consumers in an article by Charles Orton-Jones.

Alwin explains what AI in the year 2028 could look like:

"Our digital twin, let’s call ‘it’ Jeffrey, will be our ever-present personal assistant, a new era of human-machine symbiosis, an intelligent cohabitant, transforming our lives. Jeffery isn’t just a machine carrying out programmed instructions. It learns, evolves, and adapts over time, like a human.

Our Smart Home, managed by Jeffrey, will adjust lighting, temperature, even whip up our favourite meals, not based on pre-set instructions, but by intuitively learning from our habits, moods, and preferences.

In healthcare, Jeffrey won’t replace human doctors but will empower us to take proactive control of our health. Jeffrey, armed with real-time health insights, enables a new era of preventive and personalised medicine, augmenting our capabilities to maintain and improve our wellbeing.

In transport, Jeffrey with its quantum computing data processing capabilities, will ensure safer, more efficient journeys in autonomous vehicles, freeing up our commuting time for leisure, personal growth, or relaxation.

Jeffrey will become our financial adviser. He won’t just manage our finances but will augment our decision-making, offering personalised advice, decoding market trends, and encouraging healthier financial habits.

In education, Jeffrey will enhance the role of teachers rather than replacing them. By understanding our unique learning strengths and weaknesses, Jeffrey will curate personalised education, helping us explore and grasp subjects in ways that best suit our learning styles.

It will be crucial to address the ethical considerations that accompany these developments. We must ensure that our reliance on digital twins doesn’t compromise our privacy, autonomy, or data security. Policy and regulation must strike a balance between personalisation and privacy.

Jeffrey is a symbol of the promise of augmented intelligence – not as a replacement for our abilities but as a “hyper-personalised extension”. Jeffrey represents a world where our human potential is amplified, unlocking possibilities for greater efficiency, personalisation, and creativity. This future, powered by AI, will open a door to a new and rewarding human experience."

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