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Blockchain technology in payments

By Aaron Hurst

Information Age

28 September 2023

PA Consulting's Joachim Keittelmann Bjørke and Chloe Harrison-Steward, blockchain experts, discuss blockchain technology in payments in an article by Aaron Hurst in Information Age

Commenting on cryptocurrencies, Joachim says: "Cryptocurrencies can provide additional payment options for merchants, which in some cases has led to an additional 3 to 5 per cent of revenue. They may also provide transaction cost savings as credit card companies may charge up to 2.5 per cent transaction fee and blockchain can offer 0.1% or less in transaction fee."

Chloe talks about how to maintain customer experience, and says: "Having this in place avoids repetitive and manual verification process while still providing a secure, immutable audit trail of activities, decreasing operational costs. However, there needs to be careful consideration for responsible handling of customer personal data."

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