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How women end up doing 'invisible' office housework

FT ignites

08 November 2022

This article was first published in FT Ignites

PA Consulting’s Ed Fox, people and change expert, comments on how women often end up doing ‘invisible’ office housework, in an article by Chloe Leung in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Ed explains: “Workplaces reflect the attitudes of society that men's roles are to direct and women's to nurture.”

Ed goes on to say that it is also important for women, “to make sure everyone has a fair opportunity to do work that will stretch and develop them to their full career potential.”

He explains: “Saying no is difficult as those asking women to do the work have privilege and power teach people not to resist authority.”

Ed adds that, “leaders should take on the work visibly in order to demonstrate that they do not support the view that women should do this work.”

Ed concludes: “The term office housework is unhelpful. People are demonstrating business-critical skills, including strong organisation, being a reliable confidante and listening well, which will all in turn help their careers.”

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