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How hybrid working can improve staff training

Keith Joughin

By Keith Joughin

FT ignites

19 October 2022

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PA Consulting’s Keith Joughin, people and change expert, comments on how hybrid working can improve staff training in an article by Dom Lawson in FT ignites.

Commenting on this, Keith says: "In a hybrid world of work, training is less about being extracted from your job to do a course and more about learning being integrated into your day-to-day work”.

Adding, “Virtual delivery and digital content offer advantages of reduced costs, and can make learning more accessible and convenient."

Keith goes on to say, “there will continue to be a need for formal learning events in person, but hybrid working has changed their nature”.

Keith explains that there are also drawbacks saying, “virtual learning can be less effective”.

Adding, “simply digitising content or virtualising delivery does not provide effective learning for professional or technical content, as training needs to engage the learner, stand out and have a sense of fun”.

Keith explains: "Training providers are increasingly recognising that in an age of digital fatigue and concerns over back-to-back virtual meetings, they need to design and create better learning experiences".

He concludes, “New approaches include the use of immersive learning technology, using a range of different media and encouraging collaboration that lasts beyond the initial event."

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