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Only 22% of AI professionals in the UK are female, causing “persistent, structural inequality” in the field. So where are all the women?

By Kirsty Rigg

Health Tech World

21 July 2022


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PA Consulting’s Cheryl Duva, healthcare analytics expert, is quoted in an article by Kirsty Rigg in Health Tech World on the gender job gap in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. 

Considering how to mitigate the gender job gap, Cheryl says: “My experience shows me that women by nature want to be more than just data scientists and analysts, they want to be at the heartbeat of the business / programme, working with a common purpose to create true impact on healthcare at large.

Adding: “My advice for women looking for a career in AI is to look for organisations and teams that work in partnership with their business counterparts, so that collaborative solutions can be built with meaningful impact, and so as a team member, and woman, you feel empowered by delivering solutions with a purpose.”

Cheryl goes on to talk about growing her analytics team from 10 to over 60 by creating a diverse workforce: “I was able to hire the best people”, concluding: “because the human impact and potential that the advanced analytics solutions delivered was so entrenched into everything we did."



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