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US retaliates against China for cyberattacks

By Yoshiro Ni seki

Fuji News Network

22 July 2021

PA’s Cate Pye, a cybersecurity expert, is quoted in an article in Fuji News Network. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, the article looks back to the opening ceremony of the London Olympics where British authorities were being forced to fight off cyberattacks, and also ahead to potential cyber issues for this year.

Cate says: “The difference between conflict in cyber space and traditional conflict is that it usually takes place in the 'grey zone'. This means it is unclear whether there is a deliberate act and the activity stays below the threshold of declared aggression.

“Most of the activity is seen only by the 'actor' and the 'recipient'. In some cases the recipient will also be unaware, particularly if it is influence activity. There may also be cyber-attacks that target the economic infrastructure rather than the social or political levers.” 

The article goes on to talk about cyberattacks in the US and Russia. Cate explains: “I would expect there to be ongoing activity behind the scenes in both directions. Whether this is declared or not (by either side) will depend on the circumstances and the message they want to send.” 

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