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Why unlimited holiday is not as idyllic as it sounds

By Dom Lawson

FT Ignites

21 June 2022

PA's Rachael Brassey, global lead for people and change is quoted in an article in FT Ignites on organisations offering unlimited holiday for its senior leaders.

It was recently announced that Goldman Sachs' senior leaders can now take as many days off a year as they'd like.

Rachel comments on how this could have unintended consequences: “Unlimited leave for senior leaders has the potential to create even more of a divide between leaders and the rest of their organisation, creating feelings of resentment as this benefit is not open to all.”

She goes on to say: “For those leaders who may be struggling with their performance, the fear of taking leave when it is optional may lead to them taking even less of a break, when this is exactly what they need in order to refresh.”

Rachael concludes by explaining the potential impact on other employees if senior leaders failed to take their holiday: “For others, the shadow that senior leaders cast by not taking leave may create a perception that as your seniority increases, your ability to take leave becomes eroded.”

Read the article full in FT Ignites

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