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Why firms should tackle 'resenteeism'

By Chloe Leung

FT Ignites

18 July 2023

PA Consulting's Kate Lafferty, engagement and wellbeing lead, discusses how firms can address 'resenteeism', which refers to employees staying in a job despite being fundamentally unhappy, an article by Chloe Leung in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Kate says: "We are now seeing a greater incidence of [resenteeism] as a result of the current climate of instability, where fear about rising costs and perceived lack of viable alternatives for work is keeping people in jobs they dislike."

She adds: "that negativity from "resentee-ers" can catch on within the workplace, having an insidious effect on the wellbeing and attitudes of others".

Kate concludes: "The key to re-engaging resentee-ers is to be "straightforward and communicative", adding that offering pay rises is "unrealistic" in the current market. Meanwhile employees who feel unhappy but find themselves compelled to remain in their current positions should talk to their managers."

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