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Why firms and fund workers should plan for careers after 50

By Anna Devine

FT Ignites

28 March 2023


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PA Consulting's Rachael Brassey, Global head of people and change, and Amy Finn, people and change expert, comment on career planning after 50 in an article by Anna Devine, in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Rachael says: “It will be critical for organisations to tailor employee value propositions to older workers who wish to return to the workplace” and “recognise that their wants and needs may differ significantly from other staff. Options such as flexible working, part-time hours, job-sharing and benefits packages will need to be considered.”

She adds: “Over-50s returning to work will need support and firms should consider mentorship schemes and tailored learning and development programmes to help them re-skill and up-skill.”

Amy goes on to say: “Decisions about retirement are not always about a person’s pension. Many people enjoy their work and want to carry on. Asset managers need to understand the reasons their people work for them, whether that's to contribute to society, use their expertise or to connect with other likeminded people.”

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