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Is quiet quitting coming to asset management?

Robert Van Egghen - FT Ignites

13 September 2022


PA Consulting’s Katherine O'Halloran, people and change expert, comments on employees who are ‘quiet quitting’ as they become less engaged with their work, in an article by Robert Van Egghen in FT Ignites.

The article discusses the idea of ‘quiet quitting’ in which employees stop going above and beyond their work requirements or disengage from work, often reducing output.

Commenting on how employers can spot signs of quiet quitting, Katherine explains: "line managers are best placed to monitor quiet quitting and spot when their team are becoming less engaged and reducing their output".

She adds that: "Strong line managers can reduce and avoid quiet quitting by taking the time to understand their employees and what motivates them.

"Managers with good relationships with employees will find they maintain engagement and make more discretionary effort."

Katherine goes on to say that employers should also "encourage open conversations about workload and strengths while exploring ways for the company to support employees to make better use of their strengths at work and to help them meet their career aspirations".

Read the full and original article here.

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