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How to make the most of your workcation

By Dom Lawson

FT Ignites

15 August 2023

PA Consulting's Clare Roberts, people and change expert, discusses the rise of 'workcations' with Dom Lawson, in an article in FT Ignites

Commenting on this, Clare says: "Organisations need clear workcation policies that are applied consistently and fairly."

Adding: "Employer and employee should understand that the workcation is still first and foremost about working, just in a different location.Employees need to understand how to enjoy the change of environment and new experiences, whilst still meeting the requirements of their role."

Clare concludes by saying: "For employers, the workcation can become a valuable part of the employee experience offer they use to enhance recruitment and retention of people with key skills. But she adds that everyone should recognise that a workcation is not a substitute for 'a proper holiday'. Employees should be encouraged to take time out to switch off completely from work."

Read the full and original article in FT Ignites

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