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How to develop AI skills

By Dom Lawson

FT Ignites

27 June 2023

PA Consulting's Alwin Magimay, global head of AI, considers how organisations can help clients and staff develop AI skills, in an article by Dom Lawson in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Alwin says: "AI is certain to disrupt asset management and acquiring the skills to use it is becoming a necessity."

He adds: "Employees with the right training can use AI to uncover hidden insights, automate processes and make informed decisions at speed and with precision, all of which will make them more valuable to their employers. 

Alwin goes on to explain: "Effective prompt engineering enables the user to interact successfully with large language models like ChatGPT. When it comes to investing, translating objectives into AI queries can help users harness the full potential of AI, using it to identify investment opportunities, manage risk and optimise portfolio performance."

He concludes: "Firms should be making AI skills a core element of their management training courses. With the right training, experts without technical expertise can use AI to enhance their knowledge and abilities. Firms will see real business benefits from embracing the accessibility of AI tools and platforms and empowering non-technical professionals to harness their power."

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